Plan Ahead to Maximize Almond Bloom

Josh McGillSponsored Content

A successful almond bloom is the culmination of numerous internal physiological processes that have occurred within the tree throughout the previous year. The significance of the bloom season cannot be ignored. 

Bloom occurs over a relatively short period of time, but it sets the stage for crop yield. Almond flowers generally remain receptive to pollination for a period of three to five days. Weather is often unpredictable, with rain and wind impacting successful pollination and creating favorable conditions for the development of fungal pathogens. Tree roots are not active during this period, so required nutrients must be pulled from the tree’s reserves or be foliar applied. The key to success is managing these variables with a well-balanced program that includes disease prevention and targeted nutritional inputs.

For disease management, prevention is key. Blossoms have no natural protection against fungal pathogens, and infection of brown rot blossom blight is common. An application of Avaris® 2XS will provide systemic control of brown rot blossom during unpredictable weather patterns.

Brexil® CBZ optimizes bloom sprays with a high-quality blend of calcium, boron and zinc – nutrients required for a strong flower set. Calcium is essential to pollination, and boron supports cell division and pollen fertility. Zinc plays a critical role in reproductive and vegetative growth. 

Increased almond yields depend on the production of strong blooms necessary for pollination. eXploit® strengthens vulnerable flowers during reproduction for better flowering, fruit set and formation. You can expect improved yields, uniformity and quality.

Almond bloom provides the best opportunity to start the season off strong.  Give almond trees their best chance of success with a multi-faceted approach that combines strong disease control with well-balanced nutrition and plant health.

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