California Pistachio Growers Get Water Information

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Pistachio growers get water information
California pistachio growers got important information about Sustainable Groundwater Management Act preparedness at an industry lunch Monday by Horizon Nut Company. Sabrina Hill reports.

Horizon Nut Event on Water

Horizon Nut Company featured renowned water attorney Gary Sawyers at an industry event Monday to address concerns of the pistachio industry. The event topic was Sustainable Groundwater Management Act preparedness. More than 100 growers, water authority representatives and elected officials attended the event, held at the International Agri-Center in Tulare County.

Pistachio growers listen to water issues

Horizon Nut Company’s Grower Education Series provides industry-related education and advocacy to pistachio growers and strategic partners. The mission of this quarterly event is to offer resources to ensure that growers are prepared and equipped to thrive in an economy of uncertainty. Horizon Nut Company is a premier, grower-owned pistachio processing operation led by a diverse group of industry pioneers.

Pistachio growers of Horizon Nut Company

California growers, including Horizon Nut Company, account for 99 percent of the pistachio yield in the United States. Horizon Nut Company’s annual processing capacity is expected to exceed 100 million pounds by 2020.

Photos courtesy of Carter & Co. Ag