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Pistachio Shipments Up Over Last Year, Despite Overall Supply Chain Issues

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Pistachio shipments are up over last year, even as the industry deals with logistical challenges and supply chain disruptions. President of American Pistachio Growers, Richard Matoian said that shipping data through March shows positive movement for pistachios. Pistachio shipments have increased in every major export market aside from Europe. But Matoian noted that numbers are improving for the European market, which is welcome news for the industry.

Pistachio Shipments
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“I certainly hear a lot of stories with a lot of tree nut commodities about being able to secure containers and we certainly have that problem as well. But when I look at the shipment numbers and see that we are up in every market with the exception of one, I think we’re holding our own and actually doing pretty well,” said Matoian. “So, it’s a very, very positive message in light of the continuing issues that we have at the ports and everything else that we’re having to deal with that the shipments remain up.”

Listen to the radio report below.

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