Picking the Perfect Halloween Pumpkin

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halloween pumpkinIt is that time of year. Time to head to the local pumpkin patch. Cathy Isom has a few tips on how to pick the perfect Halloween pumpkin. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Picking the Perfect Halloween Pumpkin

Whether it is for carving, eating or a little of both. Here are some tips on how to choose the perfect jack-o-lantern for your halloween pumpkinHalloween festivities.

First, waiting closer to the big day will not guarantee a fresher pumpkin. Most, if not all, pumpkins have already been picked and are sitting in a warehouse or in cold storage.

Your next order of business when picking the pumpkin is to listen to it. Give it a good knock. A fresh pumpkin that has been stored properly will make a resonant, hollow sound.

Once you have your pumpkin home, keep it off the cement. The cement will suck the moisture out of your pumpkin reducing halloween pumpkinits shelf life. If it’s carved and you’re wanting to set it outside for display, use a piece of newspaper or cardboard as a buffer between the fruit and the cement.

And, if you find the selection of pumpkins are picked over and what is left may have a little discoloration, perhaps a little flushed with green. Simply find a nice sunny spot, where it won’t get too hot, and watch that pumpkin turn completely orange in no time.

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