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Peterson, Outlaw on Next Farm Bill

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Speaking at an agricultural forum in Minnesota, Dr. Joe Outlaw of the Agricultural Food & Policy Center at Texas A&M University, and former House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson, talked about the various factors that could affect the passage of a new farm bill by September of 2023, including the price tag.

“My question to all the groups that I meet all around the country is are the elected officials going to get any additional funds paid for and added to this farm bill so we can actually do some changes,” Outlaw said. “because otherwise, all we’re going to have is a status quo bill anyway.”

“But we do have crop insurance,” Peterson added, “which I would say is the most important safety net we have.

Peterson and Outlaw both also feel the farm bill will not be approved by the time the current farm bill expires in September of 2023. They believe the current bill will be extended for at least a year while congress debates the next bill.

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Peterson, Outlaw on Next Farm Bill

Sabrina Halvorson
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