Petal Fall Districts for Fresno County

Taylor Hillman General

Fresno County Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer, Les Wright, announced that 75 percent petal fall on the north side of citrus trees will have taken place at 1:00 a.m. April 7, 2015 in District 1 and District 2.Commissioner Wright urges beekeepers in the County to move their bees which will allow the citrus growers to apply the necessary pesticides to protect their citrus from insect pests.

Citrus growers and pest control operators are reminded they are still required to notify beekeepers during the bloom period, if applying pesticides toxic to honeybees, from the beginning of the bloom until 48 hours after the 75 percent petal fall declaration date. Contact the Fresno County Department of Agriculture at (559) 600-7510 for names and telephone numbers of beekeepers who have requested notification when pesticides are to be applied within one mile of their apiaries. The citrus/bee regulation declares the notification to beekeepers is no longer required when applying pesticides beyond the 48 hour period following the 75 percent petal fall date.Commissioner Wright wishes to express his appreciation to citrus growers, pest control operators, pest control advisers and beekeepers for observing the statutes protecting both honeybees and agricultural crops during the citrus bloom.