Keeping Pets Safe During Winter

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A warning for pet owners. The wintertime hazards to watch for when heading outdoors. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

This Land of Ours – Winter Pet Safe

Pet owners who walk their pets or let them out in the winter for any amount of time need to be aware of a wintertime hazard beyond just the cold temperatures.

Extreme weather conditions often call for extreme measures to keep roadways and driveways clear. But that could be harmful to our pets if we aren’t careful
if it’s not safe for you its not safe for your pet

Anne McCann – Emergency Pet Care Programs Coordinator with the Agriculture Department’s Animal and Plant Health and Inspection Service says it’s important to know what you’re pet might be getting into before letting them outdoors.

:some of the salt and things we are using to melt ice can be toxic as well as antifreeze and other chemicals that we use in the very cold weather.

If you’re taking pets outside for walks it’s very possible they will get some type of poison on their fur and then later they’ll try to lick it off.

it is really important when you bring them back in to not only wipe and wash down their feet but also their legs and belly and reduce any chance that they have of just licking their fur and ingesting some of these chemicals.
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