Pet Emergency Plan

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Pet Emergency Plan
The plan for your pet in case of a major weather emergency. Cathy Isom has more.

This Land of Ours – Pet Emergency Plan

In the event of a major weather event – such as an ice storm or snow storm – or flooding. Or perhaps the power is out for days and you end up having to leave your home possible for days…. make sure you have an escape plan for your pet.

“There are pet friendly hotels, there are boarding facilities, there are a number of places … tolerant relatives are a great place to go.”

That’s Anne McCann Emergency Pet Care Coordinator for the US Department of Agriculture and she says there’s been a lot done in the past few years to provide for our pets in emergencies.

“Many of the shelters in this country actually do allow pets to go along so we encourage people to find out what the plans are in their community for sheltering and warming stations and no whether they can take their pets with them. in advance so that if the power does go out they know that where they’re going to go and take the pets along.”

McCann says its a good idea to have a pet emergency kit ready in case you do have to get out of your home for some reason. The kit with extra food, maybe an extra collar and leash and any medications your pet needs.