Pesticide Use an Important Topic

Taylor Hillman General

A group of California farmers is reaching out to the public to talk about being a farmer and about food safety related topics.

A group called California Agricultural Communications Coalition is making use of YouTube and other websites to help people better understand what farming is all about. Jennifer Skidgel-Clarke of Steinbeck Country Produce in Salinas is one of those farmers. She talks about the myths surrounding pesticides. Skidgel-Clarke says she’s not aware of anyone getting sick from eating food grown using conventional methods, which includes the use of pesticides out in the fields. Skidgel-Clarke who is also a Pest Control Advisor, wants people to know that there are professionals out in the fields making recommendations… when pesticide applicants need to be done. Skidgel-Clarke reminds everyone that before any product can be used in the fields it first must be undergo lots of testing and pass government hurdles before released to the market for use.