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Pear Tree Pests that Could Ruin a Harvest

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The pear tree pests that could ruin a harvest.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

pear tree
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Pear trees are one of the easiest fruits to grow in an orchard.  They are also easy targets for Aphids, Codling Moth, Leafrollers, and Pear Psylla which is a very destructive pest.

Aphids will suck the plants juices leaving a secretion behind called honeydew.  This leaves a growth media for sooty mold to form on pear trees.

Codling Moth like to burrow and cause holes in the pear fruits. Preventative measures are essential, so make sure you learn proper fruit tree care techniques.

Leafrollers roll up the leaves of the pear tree and tie them together with silk webbing. Then, they feed on the damaged, rolled leaves, causing the defoliation of your fruit tree.

Pear Psylla is known for developing a resistance to most insecticide options. An infestation causes rapid and total reduced tree vigor, eventually killing the tree with a disease called pear decline.

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