Particle Size Does Matter

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The key to disease control with copper is coverage: the more uniformly and completely leaf surfaces are covered, the better the performance. Nufarm’s Copper Champs contain more precisely-sized particles, and more of them. In fact, over 90% of the particles in our Copper Champ products measure in at a significantly smaller size than the competition, giving our Champs an advantage in coverage and control.

This photo shows the smaller particle size of ChampION++.

ChampION++ provides better coverage, as shown in these electron micrographs taken at 5000x magnification. In fact, ChampION++, on average, provides 27 times more particles than Kocide 3000, resulting in much more uniform coverage.

Supercharged copper for supercharged control.

ChampION++ has the smallest, most consistent copper ions (particles) of any WG copper formulation. The result: better coverage and better disease control. And, ChampION++ delivers all that with less environmental load than high dose copper products.

  • Listed for organic crop production
  • Small particle size (average = 1.2 micron) results in excellent coverage and disease protection
  • Stable WG formula pours easily and disperses quickly
  • High density copper product means lower use rates and smaller sizes

Committed to copper.

We go beyond putting labels on containers. We stand behind our products – and our customers. Although our Copper Champs are the best copper fungicide products on the market, we will continue to search for ways to improve their formulations. And as always, we have a dedicated team standing by to help with any questions you may have along the way. Count on Nufarm for innovative products powered by knowledgeable customer support. Learn more

We’ve got you covered. Get the copper fungicide that won’t back down. See this interactive guide to find the copper fungicide to fit your specific needs. ChampION++, Champ Formula 2 Flowable, Champ Dry Prill and Champ WG form our copper champs lineup.