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Pallet Project

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Cathy Isom checks out how we can  sprucing up our garden with a pallet. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Pallet Project

A neat idea to breathe new life into any garden – for almost next to nothing – and by using something that you can recycle – can be done with a durable hardwood pallet. A little imagination with a wooden pallet can go a long way.

For example: Use them for gardening as a Vertical Planter by standing the pallet on its side, creating pockets between the slats that run horizontally. With the right potting mix, you could grow herbs and several types of lettuces.

Or as a horizontal pallet planter. You stack several pallets on the ground to create a raised flower bed.

Pallets are built pretty tough to withstand many types of weather. You could use pallets to create a compost bin.

You could even make a pallet potting table. Or, take several pallets and create a beautiful walkway or pathway. The possibilities are endless.

But before you get started you’ll want to do your homework. Make sure the pallets you acquire, or are about to, are perfectly safe. Because they’re often sent overseas on shipping containers, many pallets are treated with chemicals to help them resist rot and insect infestation. While it may be OK for shipping companies, pallets that are chemically treated won’t be a good fit for your garden. Pallets with letters M-B on them, which stands for Methyl Bromide, are ones you’ll want to avoid. Also watch out for pallets that have had petroleum or other chemicals spilled on them. Instead look for H-T stamped into the logo, which means they have been heat treated.

Make a rustic potting bench. DIY project using pallets, up-cycled wood and limited tools.

by Steve Ramsey

Here’s a really easy-to-make potting bench you can make with just a hammer and a saw. I made mine using 100% reclaimed wood, most from old shipping pallets. I designed this bench to be simple to build. Anyone can make it, yet it remains functional and looks awesome!

Visit Steve Ramsey’s Woodworking for Mere Mortals website for free building plans and more how to videos.