California Leads Nation in Winter Markets

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California leads the nation when it comes to winter farmers markets. Sabrina Hill has more. Click to Open or Download Audio Report As we first told you earlier this month,…

Specialty Crops and Special Tractors

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The growth of specialty crops in California is fueling the growth for farming equipment like tractors. There’s a tractor manufacturer that’s paying close attention to exactly what California farmers need…

What’s Ahead for Agriculture?

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…for agriculture, especially where the EPA is concerned. Woodall says it’s up to farmers and ranchers to teach the the politicians who take office in January, and to stay involved….

USDA Conservation Stewardship Program

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…a program that helps farmers, ranchers and forest landowners take conservation to the next level. CSP is aimed at producers who are already established conservation stewards, helping them to deliver…

CA Turkey Farmer Finalist in Competition

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A Northern California turkey farmer is a national finalist to become the face for a newly formed alliance of farmers and ranchers. Tim Nilsen is one of nine finalists and…

Pesticide Use an Important Topic

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A group of California farmers is reaching out to the public to talk about being a farmer and about food safety related topics. A group called California Agricultural Communications Coalition…

High-tech Farmer’s Market

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A high-tech approach to the community farmers market. Sabrina Hill has more. Click to Open or Download Audio Report A new website, Farmingo, connects the community with local farms, and…

CFBF Welcomes Committee Appointments

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…They say it will benefit the state’s farmers and ranchers. The committee announced that Representatives . Jeff Denham, R-Turlock, John Garamendi, D-Fairfield, and Doug LaMalfa, R-Richvale, would become new members,…

Merced Woman Wins Open Discussion Meet

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A Merced woman is the winner of the 2012 California Young Farmers and Ranchers Open Discussion Meet. Click to Open or Download Audio Report Diane Coderniz of Dos Palos is…

Christmas Tree Farmers See Rise in Sales

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Christmas tree growers and retailers are optimistic about sales of real trees this year after a big turnaround last season. Sabrina Hill has more. Click to Open or Download Audio…

Census Adds Information on Christmas Trees

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…has more. Click to Open or Download Audio Report Later this month, just about every farmer will find a census form. Included this time are questions for Christmas tree farmers….

Winter Farmers Markets Gain Popularity

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Winter farmer’s markets are becoming more common. Click to Open or Download Audio Report The markets were once only in warmer months, but the national farmer’s market directory has seen…