Organic Survey – California

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California: First in the Number of Organic Farms and Total Sales

surveyIn 2014, the United States had 14,093 organic farms producing $5.5 billion in organic products, according to a survey conducted by USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS). The number of organic farms varies across the country. California organic farms were 20 percent of the U.S. total, with 2,805 certified and exempt farms. California’s total gross value of sales of organically produced commodities, at $2.2 billion, was 41 percent of the total gross value of U.S. organic sales.

Of the 2,805 organic farms identified in the 2014 Organic Survey for California, 2,632 were certified organic farms and 173 were exempt from certification because they gross less than $5,000 annually from organic sales. There were 1,723 farms with 100 percent total value of sales from certified organic production, compared to 277 farms with 75 to 99 percent, 165 farms with 50 to 74 percent, 155 farms with 25 to 49 percent, and 312 farms with less than 25 percent. California’s total gross value of sales of value-added organic products of certified organically produced commodities at $589.9 million, was 81 percent of the total gross value-added organics products of the U.S. sales from certified organic farms.

The 2014 Organic Survey provides acreage, production, and sales data for a variety of organic crops and inventory and sales data for organic livestock commodities. The 2014 survey collected data from U.S. farms and ranches that were certified organic, exempt from organic certification, or transitioning to organic certification. This survey was done in conjunction with the USDA’s Risk Management Agency to aid in improving insurance products for organic agriculture.

USDA 2014 Organic Survey – California (.pdf) full report.