Online Grocery Sale Trends Shifting as COVID Restrictions Lift

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Online grocery sales trends appear to be shifting as COVID restrictions begin to ease. According to the Grocery Shopping Survey conducted by Brick Meets Click and sponsored by Mercatus, there were $9.3 billion in online grocery sales in March. That marks an increase of 43 percent over March of last year.

Nearly 70 million households placed an average of 2.8 online orders during March. While the ship-to-home segment of online grocery purchasing lost 27 percent of its monthly users from a year ago, the pickup segment gained 12 percent and delivery gained 23 percent. The pandemic appears to have created an overall shift in how online grocery shopping is done.

Prior to March of 2020, the ship-to-home segment accounted for the majority of online orders. Now curbside pickup is the most popular segment, with a 53 percent share of monthly shoppers. Overall satisfaction scores for the online grocery shopping experience have increase significantly from pre-COVID levels, with retailers investing heavily in addressing issues and concerns.

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Online Grocery Sale Trends Shifting as COVID Restrictions Lift
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