OGS Grower Roundtable Coming Up Next Week

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The Organic Produce Network (OPN) is hosting an online event in lieu of its annual Organic Grower Summit (OGS). The virtual event is scheduled for Wednesday, December 9 at 10 a.m. OPN Co-Founder and CEO, Matt Seeley said that while everyone misses in-person events, the virtual roundtable will still feature important information from industry leaders.

“We have got Bruce Taylor, who is the President of Taylor Farms and Earthbound Farm, Vic Smith, who is President of JV Smith Companies, and Soren Bjorn who is the President of Driscoll’s,” said Seeley. “Moderating this will be Dave Puglia, who is the President and CEO of Western Growers Association. So, in many ways we feel we have the ‘Dream Team’ if you will as it relates to organic production.”

Listen to the radio report below.

OGS Grower Roundtable Coming Up Next Week
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