October is National Chili Month

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OctoberCathy Isom turns up the heat just a bit for October filling us in about a month-long celebration of one of America’s favorite fiery fares. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

October is National Chili Month

Every year in October, for the entire month, America celebrates chili. The International Chili Society says that chili was popularized during the Gold Rush of the mid-1800s.

Cowboys and prospectors combined dried beef, fat, pepper, salt, and chili peppers together into stackable rectangles or “chili bricks” that were then dumped into boiling water. Since then, we have been perfecting this fiery hot cup or bowl of goodness.

Whether it’s a red chili or a white chili, there are so many different recipes, including adding using blackened peas, Lima beans, cranberry beans, or kidney beans. Chili can also be meatless or with meat, by adding vegetables and topped with sour cream, cheese, onions, olives, and avocado.

However you prefer it, when posting to social media use the hashtag #nationalchilimonth.

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Image: (top right) Roasted Pumpkin White Bean Turkey Chili