NRCS Reminds Farmers of Benefits Provided Through No-Till November

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No-Till November

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) is once again reminding farmers about No-Till November. California growers are being asked to consider their options when it comes to tilling their land. NRCS is encouraging farmers to minimize tillage on their operations during the fall whenever possible. Abstaining from tilling the ground can provide a host of benefits to soil health and overall crop performance.

“California farmers look for no-till benefits wherever they can, and NRCS is here to help you evaluate benefits of different tillage management,” NRCS State Conservationist for California, Carlos Suarez said in a news release. “Some of the corn and small grain silage systems have offered great opportunity for reduced tillage. No-till and reduce-till farming is one of many soil health conservation practices to promote water quality while saving farmers time and money. No-till November is an appropriate way to remind farmers about the important relationship between your tillage and soil health.”

Minimizing the amount of tilling done on farmland can help to protect the soil’s physical properties. The practice plays a key role in maintaining soil health and helps to enhance overall soil function. Decreasing soil disturbance provides soils more opportunity to hold and supply both water and nutrients to crops. NRCS has a host of resources available to help farmers make the best decisions about how to make the switch to no-till.

The No-Till November campaign was initially launched by NRCS back in 2017. Since it was first established the campaign has reached more than 1.5 million people through various media outlets. No-Till November is being highlighted on social media using the hashtags #NoTillNovember, #DoNotDisturb, and #LeaveTheStubble. The campaign is an agricultural take on the No-Shave November movement. Participants in the No-Shave November campaign forgo shaving in order to help raise cancer awareness. No-Till November is a similar concept in encouraging farmers to ‘leave the stubble’ on their farmland.

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