NFU on COOL: Consumers Have a Right To Know

Taylor HillmanCattle, Hogs & Pork, Poultry

grilling ground beefThe National Farmers Union speaks out about COOL and the consumer’s right to know from where their food originates. Sabrina Hill has more.

National Farmers Union on COOL

National Farmers Union President Roger Johnson says Country of Origin Labeling will give consumers the comfort of knowing where their food comes from and allows farmers and ranchers to show their pride in the products they produce. Johnson says consumers have the right to know where their food comes from.

A May 2013 public opinion poll showed more than 90 percent of consumers support COOL. It will require cuts of meat and some fruits and vegetables be labeled with the country’s name where it was produced. It would not limit or restrict imports of food.

Recently, a District Court of Appeals ruled in favor of COOL 9-2. However, the World Trade organization will have a say as well.

Johnson questions the small fortunes the opponents have spent attempting to block COOL and looks forward to the final rule by WTO.