NFU Board of Directors Opposes Current House Farm Bill

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boardThe National Farmers Union Board of Directors unanimously passed a resolution opposing the current version of the House Farm Bill that passed out of the Ag Committee last week. The Board called on House members to make significant changes in the legislation before passing it.

The Board says in a release that, “The House Farm Bill, as currently written, lacks the improvements needed to help farmers cope with continued low commodity prices. The bill fails to provide farmers with the tools they need to be the best possible stewards of our natural resources, and it reverses progress toward expanding access to local, regional, and specialty markets.” The NFU Board says the House bill also makes “unnecessary cuts” to programs that feed hungry Americans.

Among the changes recommended by the NFU Board, they’d like to increase PLC reference prices to improve the farm safety net and offset possible trade retaliation. They’d like to strengthen payment limitations and actively engaged requirements for Title 1 programs. The NFU would also like to see dairy farmers provided enhanced price supports and a mechanism in place that manages our nation’s milk inventories to meet market demand.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.