Next-Gen Institute for Digital Agriculture

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A new university institute with a focus on the future of agriculture. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Developing and expanding digital agriculture capacities to enhance the lives of Kansans, now and into the future.

A new university institute is putting the spotlight on digital agriculture. Kansas State University has launched the Interdisciplinary Institute for Digital Agriculture and Advanced Analytics. The institute is a people-centered interdisciplinary collective transforming learning, research, and outreach around digital technologies and advanced analytical methods to enhance agriculture. Work done at the institute will include developing and integrating analytical methods and digital technologies — like sensors, automation, and robots — that enhance food production and inform decision-making for sustainable and resilient systems.

K-State President Richard Linton says, “Kansas State University is working across disciplines to solve global agricultural problems.”

The institute will also work toward building public-private partnerships through conducting and facilitating research and development in digital agriculture, precision farming, and advanced analytics to create novel solutions that address real-world challenges; offering consulting services to support food producers, agribusinesses and policymakers leveraging data-driven insights for decision-making and operational improvements; and other methods.

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Next-Gen Institute for Digital Agriculture

Sabrina Halvorson
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