New Wolfskill Walnut Variety Receiving ‘Keen Industry Interest’

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The new Wolfskill walnut variety appears to be garnering quite a bit of attention from California growers. Developed through more than 10 years of research at UC Davis, the new walnut variety is said to hold considerable promise for the industry. President and CEO of Duarte Nursery, John Duarte said that growers appear to be excited about the opportunity to try out the new variety.

“Growers are calling and asking to get some budwood not because the want to make a major commitment to a new variety right now, but they just want to get it planted and grafted into their own blocks and start to look at it and get familiar with it,” Duarte noted. “There’s definitely keen industry interest in it and it needs to be tested out in the industry for a few years before we fully understand its ups and downs.”

Listen to the radio report below.

New Wolfskill Walnut Variety Receiving ‘Keen Industry Interest’
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