New Website Offers Regenerative Agriculture Resources

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New Website

The University of Missouri announced a new website focused on regenerative agriculture topics. Regenerative agriculture has sparked considerable interest over the last few years, offering a toolbox of practices that aims to increase soil health, protect water quality, and enhance conservation approaches on farms. Major food and agriculture companies such as General Mills, Bayer, Walmart, Cargill, Corteva, Pepsico, and even clothing companies like Wrangler have recently prioritized regenerative agriculture practices.

The website aims to allow farmers, landowners, farm advisors, and even consumers to access a wide range of information on regenerative agriculture practices and concepts. Kelly Wilson of the Center for Regenerative Agriculture states, “The new site offers resources for different levels of expertise, so that different people can learn about practices and target outcomes associated with regenerative agriculture.” Visit the website at and sign up for the Center’s newsletter to receive monthly updates on what’s happening in regenerative agriculture.

The National Association of Farm Broadcasting and the American Farm Bureau Federation contributed to this report.

New Website Offers Regenerative Agriculture Resources