New Unique FRAC Group 3 Fungicide Available for California Crops

Brian GermanNews from our Sponsors

A new FRAC Group 3 fungicide was recently approved by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation, giving growers another option for disease management. BASF Technical Service Representative Dr. Kevin Caffrey explained there are quite a few FRAC Group 3 fungicides already available, however some of their efficacy has been beginning to slip. Some products have also become regulatory issues in the global market. Caffrey said Cevya fungicide can be an effective solution for California growers.  

“BASF developed Cevya from the ground up to have fantastic efficacy, fit the global regulatory needs, and continue to be a strong product into the future,” said Caffrey. “One of those key pieces is that it’s a brand-new chemical class with an isopropanol-azole link. What this allows that molecule to do is to bend and shape to fit the binding pocket within a fungus. Meaning that, if some of those isolates may have some level of resistance, Ceyva still works. I’ve seen this in-field, in testing.”