New Strawberry Variety to Hit the Market in 2022

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New Strawberry

A new variety of strawberry is expected to hit U.S. grocery stores by 2022. A new type of white strawberry has been developed at the University of Florida (UF) Institute of Food and Agricultural Services (IFAS). UF/IFAS associate professor of horticultural sciences, Vance Whitaker said in a press release that the new variety has a pineapple-like aroma. As such, the berries will probably be marketed as “pineberries.”

White strawberries can be found in nature and have been quite popular in Japan for some time now. To develop the new variety, seeds from Japan were sown at UF back in 2012. The pollen from the few plants that were recovered were then crossed with a Florida variety. The berries are white both inside and out and have red seeds. A slight pink blush appears when the fruit is ripe and ready to eat. So far, commercial trials have shown to be successful.

Listen to the radio report below.

New Strawberry Variety to Hit the Market in 2022
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