New Resource for Integrated Weed Management in Rice

Dan Grain


There is a new resource available from the University of California to help growers and pest control advisors navigate issues in California rice.  UC Rice Farm Advisor for Sutter, Yuba, Placer and Sacramento Counties, Whitney Brim-DeForest noted the Pest Management Guidelines: Rice web resource has recently been revised.

“We do pest management guidelines for each of our cropping systems and I believe this one for rice hadn’t been updated for quite a while,” said Brim-DeForest.  “This is pretty much the most up to date information including all the new weeds; weedy rice and armyworms and things like that.”

Brim-DeForest said that the updated guideline incorporates a significant amount of new information covering diseases and insect pests, as well as weeds.  “It’s got all the new herbicides, every single weed species, and new invertebrate pest we’ve had introduced in the past few years as well.  So, much more comprehensive than the last one that was online,” Brim-DeForest said.

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