New Pistachio Cultivar Shows Early Harvest

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new pistachio
Research is looking into new pistachio cultivars for production and two are showing promising results. One in particular could be ready for harvest before the processors are.

Pistachio Cultivar Shows Early Harvest

Researchers are looking into the possibility of pairing a new male cultivar with the female Kerman variety to help the pollination period match up better during low chill years. B19-69 seems to time better with Kerman during low chill years. Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor Craig Kallsen says they weren’t necessarily looking for a replacement to the standard Peters variety, but after seeing the different results, they aren’t going to stop looking for better options.

Kallsen says another variety is showing promise during low chill years, but may not be a good fit for smaller growers. S-43 bloomed extremely early in trials. So early it could make harvesting the crop difficult. Kallsen says this variety could help space out the harvest period; however, the crop was ready so early that he suggested it may only be a good fit for groups who have their own processing facilities.

Kallsen added that he hopes both cultivars are available to growers soon.