New Pistachio Might Expand Production

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Pistachio nuts isolated on white background
New pistachio varieties are showing promising results and one might make production in new areas a possibility.

New Pistachio Might Expand Production

Two new pistachio varieties could provide some relief for growers in low chill years. UB19-69 could be a better match than Peters for the female Kerman variety. Researchers say the current male variety Peters is still a very productive pair with Kerman when chill requirements are met, but the timing between the two during low chill years can be off by weeks. The new UB19-69 variety should give growers a better option when low chill years are predicted.

Growing in New Areas

The other is S-43, which is showing to be ready for harvest extremely early in the season. Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor Craig Kallsen says the variety is so early it could create a problem for harvest as some processors may not be up and running yet for the season. Kallsen said one of the reasons for the early development is that the chill requirements for the new variety look to be extremely low. Chill requirements so low that Kallsen says the Extension is looking to start additional research to see if the variety could do well in areas where pistachios have never been produced before.

Kallsen says he is optimistic these new varieties will be available soon.