New, Nutty Twist to Your Morning Cup of Coffee Created by VA Farmers

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A new and nutty twist to your morning cup of coffee. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

nutty peanut coffee

If you haven’t tried Peanut Coffee yet, you may want to change up your regular cup of Joe. Thanks to Peanut Farmers in Virginia, they’ve created a ground peanut coffee that’s ready to brew at home.

Peanut Coffee is a naturally caffeine-free beverage that boasts a medley of benefits, like reduced acidity, added protein, and is non-diuretic. Best of all, this coffee-flavored drink is perfect for sipping all day long and won’t give you any of the uncomfortable midday shakes or caffeine crash.

James Harrell
Virginia Gold Founder and Owner

James Harrell, the owner and founder of Virginia Gold (the original creators of peanut coffee), explains that their factory makes the product during the peanut oil extraction process. The extraction leaves behind a fine, powdery substance that closely resembles espresso in its appearance. It’s then blended into a fine powder to achieve a consistency similar to traditional ground coffee. It’s smooth and has a rich roasted, nutty, and coffee-like flavor.

Virginia Gold Peanut Coffee
Peanut coffee is the world’s first coffee alternative made of peanuts. Caffeinated & Caffeine-Free versions available

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New, Nutty Twist to Your Morning Cup of Coffee Created by VA Farmers