New Market for Apple Production

Taylor HillmanSpecialty Crops, Tree, nut & vine crops

apples on tree
The apple industry is nothing new to Sonoma County; however some growers are looking into a new unique apple market and are starting to grow varieties specifically for premium cider production.

Starting New Apple Market

Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor Paul Vossen says some growers are looking at creating a new product with specific apple cider varieties. Cider production is also not new to Sonoma County, but it has been produced there and everywhere else as an inexpensive alternative. These growers are looking at getting known, high-end cider varieties that aren’t very common to the states, if at all. Vossen says this new idea is aiming to create a product that would be competitive with nice wines instead of cheaper beer.

Some Using Dessert Varieties

Vossen added that growers are also using dessert apples for production since specific cider varieties are hard to come by.