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New Look Promoting California Avocados

Taylor Hillman Consumer News, Specialty Crops

Promoting California Avocados
The California Avocado Commission (CAC) had a new look at the Produce Marketing Association’s (PMA) Fresh Summit in Orlando, Florida. The commission was again promoting California avocados to buyers around the world.

Promoting California Avocados
The CAC was an exhibitor at PMA’s Fresh Summit for the 45 consecutive year. The commission launched a new logo at this year’s show, getting away from the classic “avocado fan” logo that they have used in several versions over the last 30 years. The new logo looks a lot like the actual stickers on the fruit, something the commission said is important for continuity.

Promoting California Avocados
“Clear communication of the origin of California avocados is a key strategy for the commission,” said Jan DeLyser, CAC vice president marketing. “In 2009, CAC introduced a new consumer logo that heightened the communication of California, then developed a label design for the fruit that handlers were able to customize for their use. Both have evolved, and with the new commission logo, all California avocado identification is integrated.”

AgNet West stopped by the CAC booth at Fresh Summit to talk to the commission about how this season wrapped up, what the California organization is doing at the show and what it would like to continue to see from California growers.