New Fungicide Provides Flexible Tool to Help Combat Resistance

Brian GermanNews from our Sponsors

As the first and only isopropanol- azole on the market, Cevya fungicide provides growers with more flexibility in disease management programs. Rotation in tree nuts, grapes, stone fruit, and pome fruit can help California growers combat resistance in their operations. BASF Technical Service Representative Dr. Kevin Caffrey explained that the isopropanol- azole has a link on the molecule which allows it to bend. That ability sets Cevya apart from other FRAC 3 materials.

“Some of the primary ways that different fungal strains may get resistant to certain compounds like FRAC 3’s, is their binding pocket changes shape. Having a molecule that can change shape means it can still fit those binding pockets and bind stronger than currently available products. This increases the spectrum. This increases some of those isolates that may be so-so with some older FRAC 3’s,” said Caffrey. “The uniqueness of how it binds and the uniqueness of how it works also increases the places it goes.”