New Funding to Combat Pest and Disease

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New funding to fight invasive plant pests and disease in our country was recently announced. Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs Jenny Lester-Moffitt talks about a program under the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service that will support future projects.

pests and disease

The funding will support 372 projects, some of which focus on exotic fruit fly survey and detection including $5,742,671 in Florida and California; $5,887,418 for agriculture plant pest detector dog teams to programs in California, Florida, Pennsylvania, and New York; $1,549,122 for honey bee and pollinator health; $883,154 to support stone fruit and orchard commodities pest detection surveys in seven states; and $434,000 for solanaceous plants including the tomato commodity to support surveys in 10 states including California.

“With these funds, state governments, universities, tribal organizations and other essential cooperators across the nation safeguard our agriculture, natural resources, and food security, while expanding and protecting export opportunities for American growers,” Lester-Moffitt said. Visit for more on the program.

Listen to the report below.

New Funding to Combat Pest and Disease

Danielle Leal
Multi-Media Journalist & AgNet News Hour Anchor