New Film Discusses GMO Misinformation

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The maker of a film called Food Evolution, supported by the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, says his documentary shows how easily misinformation can overwhelm objective analysis.

filmScott Hamilton Kennedy is an Academy Award-nominated filmmaker who produced the movie. Kennedy says the GMO story shows how important it is to use science to make decisions. “I was very honored that the film could defend scientists and farmers in a way that hadn’t been done in a long time,” he says. “It’s been a great honor to put those people on film and to see their responses to the film.” Food Evolution was commissioned by the Institute of Food Technologists and described as an independent investigation into biotechnology. Kennedy says the film is being criticized by a group of people he calls “fringe activists” who oppose all GMOs. However, he’s confident that the film is scientifically accurate. “We stand by the evidence in the film and the response to the film is validating that,” Kennedy adds.

Food Evolution is currently available on the streaming service Hulu.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.

For your convenience, we have a ” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>link for this video from YouTube. The movie, 1:32:30 in length is available for rent ($5.99) or purchase($17.99). Below is a comment offered by a recent film viewer.

This is an incredibly important movie. This not only reaffirmed my support for GE foods but created great sympathy for those in developing countries that are denied this technology due to legislation enacted based on fear and misinformation.

The most striking parts:

A banana farmer in Uganda where her crops are being devastated by disease is shown a GE version that is surviving the blight but is then told she can not get the technology for 2-4 years due to legislation against it. Heartbreaking.
Another is a former anti-GMO activist that used to destroy test crops but converted once he finally decided to view the science and now speaks in favor of GM crops. Science FTW.

Finally, an anti-GMO activist that states she trusts facebook posts by moms over scientists and doctors and she has millions of followers. Scary.

It is a very balanced movie, showing both sides of the debate, that I highly recommend to anyone that is either against GE products or sitting on the fence because they do not fully understand it. The truth is that there are millions of starving people in the world and organic farming is unsustainable to feed so many. We all want the same thing: to be able to feed everyone in a safe and environmentally sound way. Do yourself a favor and get the facts about how our food is produced and what is best for all of us. #factsnotfear