New Addition to World Ag Expo

Taylor Hillman General

Ag Expo
The World Ag Expo in Tulare is set to open in about another month from now. And if you go, you’ll be among the first to see a huge new addition on the expo grounds.

Ag Expo
A brand new 60-thousand square foot exhibit building will house dozens of exhibitors come time for the World Ag Expo next month.
Building C as it’s called replaces the old pavilion.
International Agri Center officials say its part of the continued commitment to improve facilities for the World Ag Expo and for year round events.
So what you do with a 60,000 square foot building besides use it for the World Ag Expo… well it can be used to seat up to 1,400 people for concerts and other large events.
You can see it for yourself at the World Ag Expo on February 12th through the 14th in Tulare.