Don’t Add to Negative H-2A Program Public Perception

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negativeH-2A program users said it’s important to not add to an already negative public view about foreign workers. Jackson Family Wines has been using H-2A workers to supplement their labor needs. Vineyard Manager Bart Haycraft said they go above and beyond for those employees for two reasons. “One, you want the people that come and work for you to have a good experience,” Haycraft said. “Two, you want the community to see that this is a good, viable program that people are doing correctly and it’s not a burden or detriment to their society.”

The public’s perception of H-2A workers isn’t good as some dislike the idea of workers living in their neighborhood. Haycraft said they try to engage their workers with each other and in the community when they’re not working.

Don’t Add to Negative H-2A Program Public Perception

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