NCBA Membership Drive Encourages Commitment

Dan Dairy & Livestock, Industry News Release

ncbaThe National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) has helped the industry secure several wins in Washington, D.C., including against the “Waters of the United States” rule and the Bureau of Land Management’s Planning 2.0 rule. The NCBA also played a role in helping American beef exports to return to China.

The organization is asking its members to help with recruiting new members to the organization during it’s “Just Ask” fall membership drive. NCBA is asking its members to recruit at least one new member from their community. The goal is to help encourage and sustain support for NCBA’s advocacy efforts in Washington, D.C.

NCBA President Craig Uden says, “NCBA worked diligently this year to secure several major policy victories that ensure that cattlemen and women will be able to continue their operations successfully. While that’s important, NCBA is encouraging more cattle producers to join the fight and engage on the issues that are critical to the future viability of our industry.”

Issues the cattlemen are currently working on include tax reform, the Endangered Species Act, and establishing strong new foreign markets with no unfair trade restrictions on American beef.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.