Natural Household Cleaning Ingredients

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naturalCathy Isom has the five all natural ingredients you can use for any household cleaning project.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Natural Household Cleaning Ingredients

Who doesn’t want to help save the environment and while doing so, saving a few bucks. When it comes to cleaning, especially inside our homes or shops, making all-natural cleaning products is the way to do it!

Before running out to the store, check your pantry and closet where you store your cleaning products. And all you need — these five ingredients:

Baking or washing soda – an excellent natural abrasive cleaner.

Castile Soap – a soap made with olive oil rather than animal fat

Borax – a natural mineral power

Lemon Juice or essential oils

And Vinegar – known as one of the most respected natural cleaners of all.

Any of these will help do a bang up job on anything that needs cleaning around the home – without using unnecessary chemicals that can be harmful to humans, pets and the environment. On tomorrow’s This Land, how to mix and put these 5 ingredients to use for some of those cleaning projects.

I’m Cathy Isom…