Nat DiBuduo Retiring After Decades of Leading AGG

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The announcement of Nat DiBuduo retiring came at the Allied Grape Growers (AGG) April Grower District Meetings. DiBuduo has served as President and CEO of the association for nearly 20 years, representing over 500 members statewide.

DiBuduo Retiring

“Serving California winegrape growers since 2000 has been the pinnacle of my career,” said DiBuduo in a statement announcing his retirement. “My previous roles in farm management, independent consulting and vineyard development positioned me to understand the challenges facing California grape growers and equipped me with the desire and ability to make a difference.”

Throughout his career, DiBuduo has received multiple commendations for his work and leadership in the agricultural industry. In 2016 and 2017 DiBuduo was named as one of the Top 50 Leaders in the California Wine Industry by Wine Business Monthly. He was also presented with the 2014 Profiles in Leadership Award by the Agriculture Leadership Foundation. In 2012 DiBuduo was recognized by the California Association of Winegrape Growers as Leader of the Year. AgNet West interviewed DiBuduo when he was presented with the Distinguished California Agriculturalist of the Year award at the recent Outlook 2018 Agribusiness Conference.

DiBuduo began working for AGG in 2000 and under his leadership, the association improved its winey relations and established strong financial stability. Before his work on behalf of grower issues to improve economic conditions, DiBuduo already had a long history of agricultural work spending several years farming and developing vineyards with his family in Fresno, Madera, and Kern Counties. He and his brother Jerry formed DiBuduo Farm Management before he went on to work as the Vice President of Pro Ag, one of the pioneers of fully integrated pest management companies.

With DiBuduo retiring at the end of June, current AGG Vice-President of Operations Jeff Bitter is set to take over as President and CEO of the winegrape marketing association. DiBuduo noted that his retirement plans include pursuing a role in agricultural real estate brokerage while maintaining his involvement in agricultural and local community organizations.

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