Using a Multi-Step Approach to Mitigate Weeds on the Farm

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Using a multi-step approach to mitigate weeds on the farm.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Farm labor Weeding a Field
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Tackling weeds requires a multi-step approach. The first step is to identify your No Weed Grow Zone. A “no-grow” zone won’t stop weeds from trying to occupy space. But, clearly marking it, using a physical barrier or digging a trench, makes it easy for you to know when weeds are invading again.

Try using organic weed killers such as horticultural vinegar, rather than glyphosate. Or, smother weeds with plastic. Then, apply corn gluten or corn fertilizer meal to suppress seed germination.

Next, remove taprooted plants by digging them up. And, pull any surface weeds. If you have lots of tiny weed seedlings growing at the surface, use a hoe or hand rake to expose their roots. On a sunny day, the roots will dry out and die in just a few hours.

The last step is to promote good drainage, such as using a broad fork, so water will filter in below your compost zone. Even compost heavy soils need a little aeration occasionally.

Using a Multi-Step Approach to Mitigate Weeds on the Farm