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Mulch Plants for Your Garden

Dan This Land of Ours

mulch plantsCathy Isom has suggestions about some mulch plants beneficial for your garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

It’s important to have mulch plants in the garden. They protect from erosion, keep soil moist by shading it from the sun, they also add biodiversity, which helps with pollinators and can deter or distract pests.

Some plants you may want to choose to grow include comfrey (see above)– known as a permaculture champion. It’s a vigorous grower with huge leaves that have medicinal qualities and tiny flowers that bees absolutely love.

Aquatic plants such as Reeds, rushes, and cattails all make fantastic mulch plants. They grow very quickly, and for those with small ponds or, gray water, they help filter the water.

Burdock – with its big leaves and far-reaching taproot make it another great plant for growing mulch.

Clover is fantastic, too. It can spread well, fixing on nitrogen no less, and is easy to remove when it’s time to plant something. Though considered weeds in lawns, clover in garden is respected for preventing weeds.

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