MSOB: Setting A Goal When Getting Started with Biologicals

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Farmers can often find themselves unsure about which biologicals might be best for their operation. Vice President of Ag Science at Heliae Agriculture, Dr. Karl Wyant noted that there is still a great amount of confusion around biological products. He suggests starting with a clearly defined issue and desired result when considering new products and materials.

“Take a step back and just think of ‘what am I trying to get done? What are my goals?’ Just thinking about what you’re trying to do could help out with that product selection so that you’re matching up the active ingredient and what that active ingredient actually does,” said Wyant. “Are you trying to hold nutrients in the soil so that they don’t leach from your irrigation program or from rainfall? Are you trying to get your crop through a period of heat stress? Are you trying to feed the soil bacteria and fungi below ground?”

Taking a targeted approach with biologicals can provide a better experience for growers who may still be unsure about biological materials. Wyant explained that in his experience, growers have greater success with biologicals when they work to address a specific concern. “If you start with a clear goal then you can look for the product that will best match that goal and I think that’s really good advice to get through this space and alleviate some of the confusion there,” said Wyant.

Listen to the full episode with Dr. Karl Wyant below.

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