MSOB: Entomopathogenic Fungi in a Rotational Program

Taylor Hillman Industry, Making Sense of Biologicals

Entomopathogenic fungi can be an intricate piece of an effective pest management system and in some cases a cheaper one as well.

This week’s Making Sense of Biologicals (MSOB) program discusses using entomopathogenic fungi in a rotational system. Kansas State Entomology Professor Raymond Cloyd said the fungi can be used in many types of integrated pest management approaches. The fungi can function well in both conventional and organic production with the proper considerations.

As an example, Cloyd and his staff conducted a greenhouse project looking to control western flower thrips. Multiple different programs were tested in the research. The rotation that included entomopathogenic fungi was found to be just as effective as the conventional methods and a little cheaper.

Listen to the episode with Dr. Raymond Cloyd.

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