MSOB: Biological Sector Garnering More Interest from Large Companies

Brian German Industry, Making Sense of Biologicals

Biological Sector

The biological sector is continuing to pique the interest of large agribusiness providers that have traditionally focused on synthetic chemistries. Professor at Arizona State University, Kathleen Merrigan said that multiple issues are creating a more serious consideration for biological products. The increasing emphasis on climate change along with the cost and availability of crop inputs such as fertilizer are making biological materials more of an attractive option for farmers and ag businesses alike.

“Some of these things are converging to open people’s minds to biological approaches and have farmers and people of all sorts say, ‘hey, we have been underinvesting in biologicals. We have been thinking of them as an add-on; a nice thing to have, and not an essential tool,’” said Merrigan. “So, I’m hoping the tide is turning.”

As farmers look more to the biological sector for new tools, it is prompting broader investment. Merrigan described it as a “new era.” The attention that biological products are getting as their adoption increases is drawing more investment interest from major agribusiness leaders.

“Big companies are looking at these smaller companies, biologicals, and saying, ‘huh, should we have a company like that in our portfolio?’ Merrigan noted. “In terms of the fertilizer world, you have large synthetic fertilizer companies like Mosaic, OCP, Nutrien, that they’re distributing, acquiring, or investing in these biological technologies.”

Listen to the full episode with Kathleen Merrigan below.

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