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Moving Forward with the California Water Portfolio

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water portfolio

The development of California’s water portfolio continues to progress. A presentation at the most recent meeting of the California State Board of Food and Agriculture highlighted the priorities for establishing the state’s water resiliency portfolio. Board President Don Cameron noted that the development of a water resiliency plan for California is going to need to incorporate several different factors.

“There’s just not a lot of extra water available in the state and I think the governor realizes that we need to have infrastructure in place to capture this and hold it until the time that we do need it,” Cameron noted.  “We do feel that there is some water that could move south if we had the right conveyance in place.”

Another important factor that will play a critical role in California’s water management approach moving forward is the process of groundwater recharge.  The multiple agency’s that are involved with coordinating recommendations for the water resiliency portfolio are considering every possibility that could help to ensure a vibrant water system for the state moving forward.

“We know that we need improved infrastructure. We need to move water to where we need it most,” said Cameron. “We need to have trading systems in place within our GSAs, within our basins.” 

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Moving Forward with the California Water Portfolio
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