Social Media Water Campaign #MoreDamStorage

Taylor HillmanWater

San Luis Reservoir, Central California, in drought condition in 2008, water at 20% of capacity
Gar Tootelian Inc. kicks of a campaign today to call California business owners and their employees into action to help solve California’s water crisis.

“The blame for California’s water crisis lies squarely on the shoulders of our politicians,” says Greg Musson, President of Gar Tootelian Inc. “You don’t need a very big crystal ball to predict the result of doubling California’s population and not adding water storage. California businesses and the millions of people they employ can live without Gov. Brown’s risky and dangerous legacy. the $69 billion bullet train to bankruptcy, but we can’t live without a good, dependable and affordable supply of water.”

Musson goes on to say, “Our politicians have abandoned the needs of the people of California to fill their campaign piggy banks with blood money of economic terrorists bent on taking us all back to the stone ages. I think most voters see more dam storage as the solution to California’s ongoing water issues… not the problem. I am asking those that do to join with me in demanding our local, state and federal politicians put the businesses of the people of California above their re-election efforts and, for a change, focus on a real crisis and it’s solutions… the immediate expansion and construction of more dam storage. Politicians are a lot like mules… it takes a two-by-four to get their attention. Maybe if they see a million or so votes at risks, they will start doing right by the people of California.”

The campaign ask California’s business leaders and their employees to take a photo of themselves with a sign displaying #moredamstorage, their name, title and company and post it to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any social media using #moredamstorage or e-mail it to