More Research for Chilling Requirement Issues

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pistachio on tree
More research is looking into the effect of less chilling hours on pistachios and what options there are to help trees.

At the 2015 Pistachio Day last month Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor Gureet Brar talked to attendees about climate change and what researchers are seeing with lower chilling hours.

Complications from Less Chilling Hours

The classic chilling hour requirement model for nut trees could be out of date. Brar says there is a new model available and the results of the two models are showing conflicting results. Brar is continuing some previous research on chilling requirements and climate change to see if they can better understand that relationship and find a more accurate prediction of winter chill hour effects.

Comparing Model Results

Brar has applied for a grant to help them look into the chilling hour requirements and says their work will also look at finding products or treatments that can compensate for those hours.

Options for Compensating Hours