More Rain in Central California Could Cause Problems

Taylor Hillman Drought, General

Grower Joe Del Bosque

Grower Joe Del Bosque

Parts of California have been getting some rain, but that may not be a good thing for some crops. Sabrina Hill reports.

Rain in California

We all know California needs any rain it can get, but right now that rain could cause major problems for several crops which are shipped to markets all over the nation. Joe Del Bosque is a farmer in Western Fresno County.

He explains there are several months during which many crops cannot handle a lot of rain.

Del Bosque has already had to fallow about 30 percent of his fields because of the drought. Now, if he gets too much rain in the fields, he’ll lose even more.

He says there’s nothing he can do to save the crops if they get a lot of moisture at this time. So while much of the state is praying for rain, he’s hoping it’s just not too much.