Monsanto Issues Statement on Glyphosate Renewal in EU

Taylor Hillman General

monsanto logoThe European Union member states recently delayed a vote on the renewal of glyphosate. Monsanto said the EU’s risk assessment on glyphosate has been one of the most thorough reviews of an agricultural product ever conducted.

The risk assessment conducted by Germany and reviewed by the European Food Safety Agency included more than 90,000 pages of data. It also had 353 reports that had not been reviewed previously by the EU. Monsanto feels the assessment considered the best available science and found no evidence of unreasonable risk. In addition, the World Health Organization Food and Agriculture Organization meeting on pesticide residues again reaffirmed that glyphosate is unlikely to pose a carcinogenic risk to humans exposed through their diets. Monsanto said further delay in the renewal is unwarranted and puts European farmers and the agriculture industry at a disadvantage. The company is urging swift and full renewal of glyphosate by the EU member states.