Misinformation in Media and Defending Ag

Taylor Hillman General, Technology

I am sure you’ve heard the saying ‘you can’t believe everything you read on the internet’. The World Wide Web and today’s social media has given anyone a venue to advocate any message. The amount of misinformation in today’s media is shocking and this is where the Animal Ag Alliance comes in to defend agriculture.

Battling Misinformation and Defending Ag

Director of Communications Hannah Thompson says some groups are taking advantage of the social media venue and flooding the internet with their opinions. She says these groups often take that one step further by manipulating the system legally to drum up impressions and get their message in front of more consumers.

That’s the bad side of social media, but Thompson says it’s a double-edged sword as there is a good side too. Any farmer with a smartphone is a communicator with social media and it’s an easy way to get real information about farming out to the public.

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